Pet Photography – Aberdeenshire – Cocker Spaniel

As a follow on from the last blog post when I mentioned that I go to the beach often with my dogs.

Here is a sideshow of our dogs Milo & Blu(e).

Milo and Blu(e) may look the same but their personalities are very different.

Milo is a very laid back but boisterous dog and Blu(e) is quite timid but barks a lot!

Pet photography can be extremely challenging, but luckily I have these two willing subjects to help me practice.

Treats are essential, even although I “get on” with dogs; biscuits or sausages definitely help to get the dogs attention.

Milo is a poser and generally sits or can jump on to a rock (for example) on command – Blu(e) is shy and tries to keep away from the camera

I believe that dogs should be photographed as naturally as possible.

Studios can often stress the dogs out so if the dogs are outdoors having fun the resultant pictures will be so much better.

Hope that you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them