Commercial & Landscape Photography Peterhead Aberdeen Scotland

Being a full time wedding and portrait photographer, I still try to find time to learn & explore new techniques.

I have spent many years behind the lens of a camera, learning, exploring and practicing.

It probably took me 10 – 12 years of hard work, dedication, pain and a great deal of expense before becoming confident enough to call myself a photographer.

In my photography my goal is simple – to make beautiful

The most uninspiring things can be made beautiful by understanding shapes, forms, patterns, the light and using nature to your advantage.

Peterhead (near Aberdeen), where I live is often mocked by the locals for being a drab boring place.

A five-minute walk from my front door a wonderful beach presents itself.

The beach is exposed to the North Sea and I am constantly amazed and inspired by the ever-changing landscape.

I visit there with my dogs almost every day to learn and practice, there are great opportunities for stunning landscape photographs, this keeps me fresh for any commercial challenges ahead.

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